The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance

So, let’s be realistic. We can’t all have a fairy-tale castle grand entrance with a huge sweeping staircase to make the dramatic swoop into the ceremony. However, whether it’s the first step down the aisle of a church, the opening of a door at the back of the crowd or a bare-footed skip on a leafy-carpet in the woods. It’s the first moment your friends, family and (most-importantly) your partner sees you. It’s the moment that can take their breath away and bring a tear to their eye… and it’s the moment your photographer wishes he could split himself into 5 (or at the very least in half!).

Do I capture the grand entrance? I capture the reaction? Do I try to pull-off my best Mo Farah and hope the photos aren’t too blurred and shaky? Dilemma!

It’s a moment I really enjoy catching. So I position myself at an angle where I snap the entrance and eagle-eye the most expressive faces to preserve. Which could so easily be missed by the bride. Because, let’s be honest, your focus will be on the person you are marrying! Some of my best photos come from this moment and the newly-weds always relish looking back at the start of their big day.

My advice, I’ll worry about the photos and you just enjoy the moment – and try not to trip!

Oh and sometimes… you are just lucky enough to swoop down a beautiful staircase whilst your photographer hides to capture the ultimate candid shot.