Wedding Photography can be fun

“Wedding photography can be fun”, but what do I mean by that?

Wedding photography can be fun. So let it. It’s quite simple really. Let it be fun. Don’t fake it. It is what it is.

The kid with the biggest piece of cake and icing all round their face.

The Dad’s dancing.

The grooms brother on the floor because he’s had too much to drink. Wedding Photography can be fun too.

For me its all about the real moments and the memories that when you look at the photo 5 years later, you’ll have exactly the same feeling as when you first saw it. The real feeling.

These things are what the day is all about. People being people. That’s the type of wedding photography I produce.

Here are a bunch of examples of how Wedding Photography can be fun. I like them. The couples like them, especially because so much happens during the day they either forgot it happened or never saw it in the first place.

Best man two cigars

Guitar playing groom