Natural wedding photography

What does natural wedding photography involve?

Ideally all photography should be natural. We all know from watching reality TV that people tend to act differently when they know there’s a camera pointed at them.

They pose, tense up, try to find a better angle for themselves. All of these natural responses tend to make for unnatural wedding photos.

To me, the big group photo is a chief culprit. It’s a functional staple of weddings, but it’s also a lot of hassle for something that can end up looking more like a school photo than a perfect family moment. It lacks spontaneity and fun. And some years down the line in your happy marriage, it’s probably not something you’ll look back on and truly cherish.

At the same time, people never look better in photos than when they’re happy and having fun. I always work closely with couples to make sure they get everything they want from their wedding photos, while showing them things they might not have thought of.

The experience can be as structured or free flowing as you would like. It’s absolutely possible to have a rigorous, stress-free schedule while also having some freedom to ‘go with the flow’. But my experience photographing weddings across the country has taught me how to be flexible on the job as well as training my eye for those perfect, unplanned shots.

All of my wedding photography is based on the principle that people look better when they’re acting naturally. This isn’t about capturing them unawares, taking awkward photos to have a laugh about later and post on Facebook.

It’s about finding the real person in a picture, not the idealised one they want me to see. It’s about the grin after a good joke, the blissful contentment in a slow dance. Rather than lining up for glamour shots, I look to find the real people in a picture.

To me, natural wedding photography is about finding those genuine, fleeting moments of human emotion that make a wedding day so special, and preserving them for years to come.


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