Why people choose me as their Wedding Photographer

Why do people choose me as their wedding photographer? It’s actually an easy one.

Why people choose me as their Wedding Photographer?

Because I am me.

When I first meet the couple I am myself. I’m not pretending to be anyone. It puts people at ease when they can tell i’m not faking who I am. We chat, share stories and have a good laugh. By the end of the meeting they slap their knees in the terribly British way and say “right, put it in your diary and we’ll send the deposit”.

At 27 years old I suppose I am young in this game of business and wedding photography compared to many.

But I use that to my advantage. Confident, but not cocky, I chat with the family and friends getting to know them. It makes people relaxed with having me floating about all day, mingling, chatting and sharing a drink with everyone. It reminds people that i’m nothing to be scared of. Just a regular chap like themselves.

I love weddings. I like to enjoy myself just like i’m A guest. So when its time to leave at 12pm I’m saying goodbye to friends rather than clients. And sometimes that friendship continues years after which is amazing.

People choose me because of me, my personality. It allows me to really integrate with their wedding, becoming part of it capturing the natural beautiful moments with being an obtrusive pain in the backside that the guests try and avoid.


Why people choose me as their Wedding Photographer

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